Recently I have been teaching the following courses. Please email me for the syllabi. 

Fall 2020/Spring 2021:

  • on leave

Spring 2020 (at Princeton University):

  • PHI 317: Philosophy of Language

Fall 2019 (at Princeton University):

  • Graduate Seminar in Philosophy of Language: Deference and Communication

Spring 2019 (at Columbia University):​​

  • Graduate Seminar: Topics in Philosophy of Language 

  • Contemporary Civilization II

Fall 2018 (at Princeton University):

  • Graduate Seminar in Philosophy of Language: Context and Content (PHI 534/LIN 534)

  • Semantics (PHI 334/LIN 334)

Fall/Spring 2017/18 (at Columbia University):

  • Philosophy of Language and Mind 

  • Contemporary Civilization 

Fall/Spring 2016/17 (at NYU):

  • Philosophy of Language

  • Philosophy of Mind 

2012-2014 (at Rutgers University):

  • Introduction to Logic 

  • Itroduction to Ethics (TA)

  • Eating Right, Ethics of Food (TA)